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Internal VRD Kits

UM1 - PB ,UM1-PM

Available in 2 x  Models  the only difference being the control module input voltage.

UM1- PB is for battery powered Engine drives 12 or 24 VDC

UM1 - PM is for AC mains powered welders  with 45 to 275 VAC control circuit eg: DC 400 , DC600 , Miller 812 etc

To add contactors change P/N to UM1-PBC specify contactor quantity required e.g. UM1-PBC2 = 2 contactors




UM1-PB with contactor kit shown with 2 contactor kit.

VRD Peak OCV less than 20 VDC

Suits AC/DC machines where electronic control is not possible machines such as Lincoln Titan 701,Big Red 600,

Miller Bobcat , Lincoln 230+ plus other machines requiring full current switching of the output terminals.







Suits Lincoln 400AS-50 ,500AS - 50, SAM400 Diesel Welders (Older 400 AS series must use UM1-AB Contactor VRD), Calibration Free, Fully Electronic, Contactor Free. Approx Half Price Of Contactor Based Vrd Units. Rapid Arc Start. Patented Technology. Welder Can Be Load Banked As Per Manufacturers Spec's. High OCV Warning Built In (Over 35 Volts). Special Fitting Training Not Required.




Suits Lincoln DC 400 Fast Strike & restrike on GP & cellulose rods. 1 Hour maximum fitting time , no holes to drill , no switches or relays machine stays as is simply plug in VRD & connect 3 wires. Machine works as per factory but with reduced OCV in Stick / Tig mode. Normal voltage sensing wire feeder operation ( Lincoln LN25 ,Miller suitcase extreme , cigweld stealth VS212) Reduced OCV adjustable from 12 to 35 VDC VRD turn on time software programmable from 50 milliseconds to 5 seconds. Incorporates new SafeTac Duoset stove piping & gouging function (Optional) VRD high OCV warning.



Designed to fit Esab Caddy LHN 140 & LHN 200 Thermal Dynamics LT 300,LS 300 & GMS 400



PC1 New fast striking vrd works on input of electric welder. Patented technology + power savings due to lower idle current. work's with most single & 2 phase AC/DC transformer type machines such as 415 VAC Lincoln TM 300/300 TM 400/400,Cigweld Transarc 400 ,Cigweld tradesman etc. Fully programmable output voltage & VRD turn on time. Excellent strike & restrike properties Suits machines with phase input current to 200 Amps Minimal installation time less than 1 hour.



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