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About SafeTac VRD

SafeTac was established in 2000 to design a better VRD unit than those currently available on the market .

We were the first in Australia to produce a miniature VRD  designed to be  internally fitted into a welding machine.

We are located in Bibra Lake - Western Australia where we produce an extensive range of inline isolators , internally & externally fitted Voltage Reduction Devices (VRD) plus  test equipment  to suit most welding machines on the market.

Managing director Brian Snell has over twenty five years experience in the electronics and welding machine repair sector and personally designed the SafeTac VRD for use throughout the mining and metal fabrication industries. As a result, we are more than happy to answer any technical questions you may have in relation to the operation of the device.

Our VRD  has been tested & designed  with the rigours of the mining & metal fabrication industry in  mind. Its design has been greatly enhanced by extensive consultation with personnel in the industry.

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